What we do

Voice communications & monetizing voice data

We are specialist in providing telecommunication services and software technologies to companies and individuals. With experience from more than 10 years we have developed network of trusted partners and good reputation .


Companies spend millions of dollars each year developing and promoting their products and services, but many often fail to monetize their efforts through voice traffic. That's where working with an experienced  telecommunication partner and experience customer support partner like Emmsa Limited becomes important.

Take a moment to learn more about the many services offered by Emmsa Limited that get our clients results. From providing best voice terminations and to helping in developing and marketing strategy for our clients.Our company offers a solution for every challenge.

Premium Call Quality

One of the many strengths of Emmsa Limited is the ability to see the "big picture" and work with the client from beginning to end to develop a long range voice marketing strategy for getting the most from the telecommunication industry. With years of carrier relations and telecommunication experience, our staff will comprehensively research the client and your competition, help define short and long term goals, write a strategic marketing plan, and most importantly, providing good access and stable connections. Our desire is to have a long term relationship with all clients where new ideas and strategies are implemented on a regular basis.

Long before our support team make connection with you, our  web platform will help you to identify your premium terminations, goals, objectives, corporate positioning, competition and more. Voice marketing is much more than the Field of Dreams concept of "if you build it they will come". As an reliable telecommunication company, the success of our clients is the measure of our success.

IVR and Web Services

Emmsa Limited have the most advanced IVR system and most powerful telecommunication billing platform and expertise with high-end technical know-how to not only affect the top-line, but also the access points to your voice clients. Through business process automation and website/internal system integration, we're able to save our clients both time and money. Our web application framework includes include Shopping Cart & E-commerce Tools, Intranet & Extranet Development, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Web Content Management Tools, and Inventory & Sales Management Tools.

Mobile Numbering and Solutions

The success of every voice content provider is marketing strategy that dependent on smart creative strategic plan. Every project must be compelling with the network coverage and inspiring the user to interact. Emmsa Limited's goal is to creatively position our clients as the industry leader in their field. We accomplish this with Compelling hundreds of mobile and landline terminations, Intuitive Navigation , Site Features, User Interface, Access Coverage and reliable Payments.

Voice Billing

Emmsa Limited understands that there is no 'one size fits all' solution to an effective voice campaign. Our approach is multi-faceted, focusing on measurable results and return on investment (ROI). We offer multiple services Mobile , Landline and Satteline numbers, CDR Reports, Statistical Analysis and Segment-specific Target Marketing.

At Emmsa Limited we pride ourselves in making our clients a success. If you'd like to talk to a telecommunication experts, take a few minutes and complete our online Needs Assessment. We'd love to talk to you.